Quick. Easy. Profits You sell it, we sort it!

A Candle with a story


  • It is FREE to start and your profit will be in your hand in as little as 2-3 weeks.

  • You'll work directly with your own personal representative that will assist you in any way possible to make your fundraiser easy, enjoyable, and profitable!

  • Each candle and candle cube are made with soy wax. The candles burn clean all the way to the bottom of the jar with proper care, and the sprays are concentrated.

  • You sell, we do all the rest... we tally, we make, we sort, we deliver! So easy!

  • Incentives. We recognize that each school, organization or team are different and we will work closely with you to help individualize your incentive program in an effort to maximize your goals and results.

  • You will make a clear 40% profit across the board.

  • An X-Large Candle sells for $22, profit: $8.80

  • Small Candle sells for $15, profit: $6

  • Set of 3 Candle Cubes or Sprays sell for $18, profit: $7.20

  • Quick ~ easy ~ profitable

How much can you earn?

A young cheerleading team of 8 girls just raised $2,100+ for uniforms & camp!

  • 25 participants selling 10 candles each,
    you will make approximately $1,900

  • 50 participants selling 10 candles each,
    you will make approximately $3,800

  • 100 participants selling 10 candles each,
    you will make approximately $7,600

  • 250 participants selling 10 candles each,
    you will make approximately $19,000

What others are saying

"As 'team mom' for my daughter's basketball team, I did research on many fundraisers. The John Mark Candle fundraiser was the best fundraiser I found; from the great product to the fantastic customer service and the large profit margin. This fundraiser was quick, easy, and profitable. Our teams will sell these candles (and products) every year. Thank you for your dedication to fundraising."

Belinda; San Angelo TX

“I’ve worked with John-Mark Candles through large and small organizations. No matter the size, their customer service is exceptional. The communication and materials are organized and easily understood. Our organization raised much-needed money because the products smell great and sell easily. I would recommend John-Mark Candles to any organization to raise money.”

Gina, Atascocita Lacrosse League

"I want to let everyone know that when you work with John-Mark Candles, you are working with the best. The service is awesome and the products sell themselves. We have never had a company so caring about our fundraising as this one. You can never go wrong with John-Mark Candles."

Kathy, Fannin Elementary PTA

"For the last two years I have coordinated TLCA Junior High Cheer Squad, fundraising with John-Mark Candles. Both years, our goal was surpassed abundantly. The products are high quality and easy to sell. Parents are always happy with the result. These candles are the best fundraiser we do all year, hands down."

Shannon , TLCA

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  • Have fun and make great profits.

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